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Arom Pak FDU 2000
Arom Pak FDU 2000
Arom Pak FDU 2000
Arom Pak FDU 2000
Arom Pak FDU 2000
Arom Pak FDU 2000

Arom Pak FDU 2000 - FDU 2000

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Ассортимент Aseptic / UHT / ESL
Категория Aseptic filling machines
Складской номер STN14285
Бренд Arom Pak
Тип FDU 2000
Серийный номер 1110015
Год выпуска 1999
Производительность 1.000-20.000 liter per hour

Aseptic dosing unit F provides flexible and safe in-line ingredient delivery. The system ensures the survival and stability of heat sensitive function that the characteristics of the ingredients are not changed. Unit is mounted between processing and filling machines and fits with any filling machine with a capacity between ± 1.000 and 20.000 ltr/h with a continuous flow. The ingredient (enzymes, aromas, colours, lipids, probiotic bacteria and other nutritionals) is injected into the base product with high precision after the final heat treatment, just before the filling into retail container. The pump section has two identical stations that enable either single or double dosing depending on capacity and number of ingredients injected. Each station can dose 0.5 l/h to 15 l/h of ingredient. MAGFLO MAG 1100 FOOD flowmeter. Control panel with Lauer touchscreen panel. Technical Manual available. Power: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 450 W. Dimensions: 140 x 75 x 240 cm.