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Bock & Sohn BPM200

Bock & Sohn BPM200 - BPM200

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Ассортимент Butter / Margarine packing
Категория Butter/Margarine filling machines
Складской номер STN13100
Бренд Bock & Sohn
Тип BPM200
Серийный номер 19382
Год выпуска 1990
Производительность up to 3.000 kilograms per hour

Filling and wrapping machine for Slab / Plate / Sheet shaped packages, commonly used for Puff pastry – bakery magarine, butter or other edible fatts. The products are wrapped in aluminium foil or parchment paper. Product feed by direct link with pneumatic piston dosing unit mounted direct on the machine, compensator and return line. Outfeed conveyor, the machine wrappes on one side, the side flaps and end is done manually. Control panel with PLC (Siemens S5). Including double jacketed resting tube of ± 95 l with 1x 90° bend, tap of valves placed before the doser.