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Alpma U64
Alpma U64
Alpma U64
Alpma U64
Alpma U64
Alpma U64

Alpma U64 - U64

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Ассортимент Cheese equipment
Категория Cheese equipment
Складской номер STN14955
Бренд Alpma
Тип U64
Серийный номер 6.750.201.001
Год выпуска 1991
Производительность 3.000 pieces per hour

Automatic packaging machine (wrapping) for awkward products in solid form eg. cheese pieces, bakery products, confectionery, wafers, bread biscuits etc. or soft and pressure sensitive products with low slip qualities eg. soft cheese, fresh and green cheese, pies etc. Size of the product, current formatset round 80 mm. Motor: 0,37 kW - 1380 rpm - n2: 65-11 rpm (with mechanical variator). The foil is taken from the Reel, cut and the product is pushed through the foil and wrapped. After wrapping a holder pushes it on to a heated plate where sealing can take place. Instead of sealing a selfadhesive sticker can be added to keep pack closed (not included). The packs are put on the rotarty belt manually to the input of the machine. Total dimensions: 230 x 155 x 167 cm.