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- 23/74 CS

- 23/74 CS - 23/74 CS

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Ассортимент Cheese equipment
Категория Cheese equipment
Складской номер STN11298
Тип 23/74 CS
Серийный номер 283-03-17
Год выпуска 2001
Производительность 200/400 cuts/h

Flexible portion cutter with hydraulic product infeed and intelligent machine control, it can portion the product into groups with the same or different slice thicknesses. First-cut control and dividing-option are other functions that optimise the yield. The C2 model is perfectly suited for soft and boneless products. Integrated infeed and outfeed conveyors optimize the transport process to and from the blade. Loading dimension 230x230x740 mm, Power 4,5 kW, Weight 460 kg, Dimensions: 250 x 105 x 125 cm.