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Lindor 70
Lindor 70
Lindor 70
Lindor 70
Lindor 70
Lindor 70

Lindor 70 - 70

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Ассортимент Другое оборудование
Категория Порционные мешалки
Складской номер STN13240
Бренд Lindor
Тип 70
Серийный номер 920807
Год выпуска 1992
Производительность 70 liters

Stainless steel rotating mixer to mix dry ingredients . The mixer is skid mounted, easily to move. The dry ingredients are placed in the infeed, after the mixing process the product comes out through the outfeed. Effective filling volume: ± 70 liter. Protecting cabinet around the mixer (with little damage), in and outfeed system. Simple on/off switch. Video of the mixer is on our website.