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Stephan TK 150

Stephan TK 150 - TK 150

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Ассортимент Другое оборудование
Категория Порционные мешалки
Складской номер STN12192
Бренд Stephan
Тип TK 150
Серийный номер 714.539.01
Год выпуска 1989
Производительность 150 liters

Universal horizontal vacuum mixer. The main product bowl and cover are double jacketed for cooling or heating (no valves on jacket), vacuum proof (not connected). Hydraulic unit for moving outlet slide on bottom outlet. Top inlet and the main front lid have 1 clamps, manual tightening and contact sensor, infeed hopper. 2 agitators: 1 scraper agitator, 25rpm and 1 mixer knife (knife itself excluded). Main motor 11 kW, 100-730 rpm. Including control panel with frequency converter, electric scheme available.