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Alfa Laval DC-750-EC
Alfa Laval DC-750-EC
Alfa Laval DC-750-EC

Alfa Laval DC-750-EC - DC-750-EC

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Ассортимент Ёмкости/танки
Категория Деаэраторы
Складской номер STN13846
Бренд Alfa Laval
Тип DC-750-EC
Серийный номер 0000
Год выпуска -
Производительность 20.000 liter per hour

Vacuum chamber for deaeration, deodorisation, evaporation and flash cooling of liquid food products with a viscosity not exceeding 500 cP. Tangentially feed of product, capacity between 7.500-20.000ltr/h. Partly jacketed for cooling by icewater (antifoam). Spray bowl for CIP cleaning. Extra large Condensor internal 6 m2. Sight glass. Dimensions inside, diameter 750 mm and height 1.300 mm. Mounted on frame with vacuumpump, interconnecting piping, icewater collecting tank and Brazed heat exchanger (model:CB) for indirect cooling of the unit, details unknown. Total outside dimensions: 130 x 250 x 500 cm. Can be offered rebuild with pumps, valves and controls