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Volpak SMA-260-F2
Volpak SMA-260-F2
Volpak SMA-260-F2
Volpak SMA-260-F2
Volpak SMA-260-F2
Volpak SMA-260-F2

Volpak SMA-260-F2 - SMA-260-F2

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Ассортимент Filling and packaging machines
Категория Bag forming filling machines
Складской номер STN14844
Бренд Volpak
Тип SMA-260-F2
Серийный номер 1691 A
Год выпуска 2006
Производительность 6.600 pieces per hour

Complete stand up pouch (Doypack) filling and packaging line, full aseptic. Line existing of a: Form-, fill- and sealmachine Manufacturer: Volpak Spain, (volume per pack: 80-90 ml, dimensions of pack: 85 x 110 mm x 20+20 mm for the cap, unrolling and decontamination on the foil by Hereaus UV lamps, forming under sterile air by HEPA filter class H14, aseptic filling part with sterile air and vaporized peroxide injection in the air and direct in the pouch, separate control panel connected through connectors with controls Siemens S7 + Proface HMI in French and Spanish, integrated spout applicator including spout elevator). Separate sterile air set, make: Steris Model: VHO M100-SX is mounted on top of the machine to vaporize peroxide in the sterile air including dosing system direct from drum with peroxide 35%. Full aseptic doser, make: Serac (Nova Socimec), machinenumber: 9000/22, 2 heads piston doser, CIP cleanable and steamable for sterilisation before production, including hopper with level transmitters. Product: desserts. The unit has it own cleaning unit, a CIP skid mounted system with valves (make: SPX) to clean and make sterile water from steam for steam locks, circulation water for CIP including: heatexchanger, centrifugal pump, steam valves, product valves, CIP return pump directly under the machine. Lye and acid concentrate pumps. All interconnecting piping. Big set of spare parts. Documentation in French. End of line packaging equipment exist of 5 independent machines to fully automatic put 4 Doypack in a carton and put 6 cartons in a final display box. Included are: a) Cartoner, make: Sprinter Typ: EL-system60 with Telemechanic TSX37-22 PLC, to erect a carton for 4 Doypacks before filling. b) Robot packer make: Fanuc Model: M-430iA4FH supplied by: Jyga. Including camera to take 4 packs from the conveyor and put into the carton box. c) Carton closing machine make: Emballage Technologies, type: ET630 to close the carton boxes with 4 Doypacks by Nordson hotmelt system. d) Carton ‘outer box’ packaging machine, make: MG Tech Type: T15010A to put 6 small cartons with 4 pouches each in 1 bigger display carton with an integrated check weighing system. e) The bottom carton erector, make: Tecma Pack, is excluded !!! After filling the display carton, the erector puts a top carton on the filled box and the box is turned twice 90° to have the stacking ears on top.