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Ampack KF 1/3
Ampack KF 1/3
Ampack KF 1/3
Ampack KF 1/3
Ampack KF 1/3
Ampack KF 1/3

Ampack KF 1/3 - KF 1/3

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Ассортимент Filling and packaging machines
Категория Cup filling machines
Складской номер STN13951
Бренд Ampack
Тип KF 1/3
Серийный номер 1127
Год выпуска 1999
Производительность 7.200 cups per hour

Ultra clean Caroussel filler with 3 heads. Current Cup size round: 95 mm. Stations: Cup destacking, no- or double cup detection by eye sensor, cup decontamination by peroxide (H2O2) in 5! steps, predoser (80 - 275 ml), maindoser (125 - 575 ml), afterdoser (80 - 275 ml) alle CIP cleanable, seal decontamination by wet peroxide (H2O2), dispensing by vacuum, heat sealing, sqeezing the cup while sealing, snap-on lid, spray system to disinfect the chain and cupholders, outfeed on 1,4 meter single lane conveyor. Machine has polycarbonate safety guards and has an automatic central greasing system. Easy format change. Ultraclean with sterile air and room sterilisation by wet peroxide. Controls: Siemens S5, Missing: seal/snapcap holders, HMI screen, blower and sterile filter for air, 1 air suction ventilator included. Users manual, electric manual, parts list available in German language. Total dimensions: 6,8 x 1,7 x 2,75 mtr.