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Benhil 8205
Benhil 8205
Benhil 8205
Benhil 8205
Benhil 8205
Benhil 8205

Benhil 8205 - 8205

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Ассортимент Filling and packaging machines
Категория Cup filling machines
Складской номер STN14898
Бренд Benhil
Тип 8205
Серийный номер 205/658
Год выпуска 1990
Производительность 4.800 cups per hour

Rotatry cupfiller, 1 head specially for Butter. Cup size oval. Stations: Cup destacking, Piston doser with double screw infeed system with compensator to pump butter in and have a constant pressure (ATIA system, semi CIP cleanable), interleave paper station, snap-on lid, outfeed on single lane outfeed conveyor. Stainless steel safety guards. Semi automatic central greasing system. Controls: Siemens S7-300 and Siemens operation panel. Documentation available. Machine rebuilt by Atia in 2001. Total dimensions: 300 x 310 x 220 cm. Weight: 1.900 kg. Can be converted to sealing and different format within machine limits.