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Grunwald FL6000/4
Grunwald FL6000/4
Grunwald FL6000/4
Grunwald FL6000/4
Grunwald FL6000/4
Grunwald FL6000/4

Grunwald FL6000/4 - FL6000/4

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Ассортимент Filling and packaging machines
Категория Cup filling machines
Складской номер STN10119
Бренд Grunwald
Тип FL6000/4
Серийный номер 44/01
Год выпуска 2002
Производительность 9.600 cups per hour

4 Lane cup filling and closing machine. Double steps (format A or format B). Previously used for 200-400 gram salades per cup. Cup size: rectangular: ± 130 x 85 mm and oval: ± 120 x 87 mm. Production hours: 14.920 h. Including fully automatic conveyor based storage and infeed system for cups and snap-caps, sealing for pre-cut seals and reel fed sealing and cutting (cutting heads themselves not included), piston doser up to 500 ml with small high hopper for pumpable viscose products like salads, cut of valve dosing head, CIP cleanable, double advance feed system with double sealing station allowing fast change over between formats, gas flush system, (gas injection points at filling and sealing) 1 main cam driven shaft and 5 servo actuated stations (servo motors make: Elau), no cup and seal detection by eye sensor, an automatic central greasing system and protected by safety guards, CE marked. Outlet on conveyor. Controls: Siemens OP, Wago bus module. Electric scheme available. Power: 15 kW – 400 V – 50 Hz. Dimensions: ± 840 x 140 x 280 cm and control panel 160 x 35 x 210 cm. Total weight: ± 4.000 kg.