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Norden NM2002
Norden NM2002
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Norden NM2002
Norden NM2002
Norden NM2002
Norden NM2002

Norden NM2002 - NM2002

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Ассортимент Filling and packaging machines
Категория Dosing machines
Складской номер STN14003
Бренд Norden
Тип NM2002
Серийный номер 51883
Год выпуска 1989
Производительность 6.600 pieces per hour

Tube filling line, used for viscose products (Mayonnaise). Multilayer plastic tubes. Filling volume: 150 ml - 175 gram. Including infeed system with elevator. Working of the tube filler line: manual infeed of tubes into bunker, automatic infeed of tubes to filling machine, tube dispensing, center the tube, photo cell rotation so the tube will be in the correct position / advertising in the right position, dosing pump system with hopper, sealing, out feed to special conveyor. Norden machine control systems. Including CIP cleaning set for doser. 1x format set available with the machine. Several spart parts for filling head, heating heads, format elements and conveyor parts. Instruction manuals available in English. Total dimensions: 12 x 3 x 3,2 meter.