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DSS NF Plant
DSS NF Plant
DSS NF Plant
DSS NF Plant
DSS NF Plant
DSS NF Plant

DSS NF Plant - NF Plant

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Ассортимент Filtration units
Категория Ультрафильтрационные установки
Складской номер STN14359
Бренд DSS
Тип NF Plant
Серийный номер 501057
Год выпуска 2011
Производительность 4.800 liter per hour

Nanofiltration plant for whey concentration. Sweet whey is concentrated conversion to 3.8 to 1 liter retentate. The unit is existing out of: a balance tank, feed pump, 2 loops, with  8" tubes. Every stage has 4 spiral wound filters in each tube. Type of filters: NF8038/30HS, they are used for 2 years only. Mass balance: 3.200 to 4.800 liter sweet whey split in retentate and permeate in  a conversion of max 3.8 to 1 ltr. 4 pumps are included in the unit. Feed pump 1: has 5,5 kW, up to 25 bar circulation. Feed pump 2: has 3,0 kW, up to 25 bar circulation. 2x Alfa Laval LKHPF-25 pumps: with 5,5 kW each. Including the operating instructions, spare parts list, P&ID, lay-out, electric scheme, components documentation and certification. All documentation is in English language. Total dimensions: 470 x 160 x 190 cm.