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APV G15-3,0 P
APV G15-3,0 P
APV G15-3,0 P
APV G15-3,0 P
APV G15-3,0 P
APV G15-3,0 P

APV G15-3,0 P - G15-3,0 P

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Ассортимент Гомогенизаторы
Категория Гомогенизаторы высокого давления
Складской номер STN13987
Бренд APV
Тип G15-3,0 P
Серийный номер 2-07,433
Год выпуска 2007
Производительность 2.100 liter per hour

High pressure homogeniser. 2 stages with manual pressure control. 3 pistons, piston diameter: 35 mm and stroke: 57 mm. Stainless steel cladded. Connections: 1,5" DIN. Current motor power: 15 kW and maximum pressure in current confirguration with this motor 200 bar. Freestanding control panel. Overpressure valve. Bypass valve. Manometer on inlet. Manometer on first and second stage. Flowswitch on cooling water. Connection for pulsation demper on inlet/outlet (demper itself excluded). Total dimensions: 190 x 130 x 200 cm. Has been running together with cream pasteurization unit (STN13989). Including operational manual and sparts list in Englisch language.