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E.T. Oakes LTD 8MHA

E.T. Oakes LTD 8MHA - 8MHA

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Ассортимент Homogenisers
Категория Inline emulsifiers / mixers
Складской номер STN12063
Бренд E.T. Oakes LTD
Тип 8MHA
Серийный номер 1893
Год выпуска -
Производительность 440 kilograms per hour

Bearing Housing Mixer. Ideally suited for highly viscous slurry applications, or when your usage requires only the mixing head and drive assembly. The unique design of the high shear Oakes Rotor/Stator Mixing Head is the key to consistent final densities. Aerate and/or homogenize slurry with minimal heat rise. Current mixing head sizes: 8″. Applications: biscuit marshmallow, cake batter, candy marshmallow, cheese cake, icing, layer cake, nougat, pie fillings, soy bean, whipped butter and more. Capacity: 2,3 Kpm up to 7,4 Kpm. Motor: 5,5 kW - 1440 rpm. Connections: DN50/DN50. Including injection pump, motor 4 kW, Q 2 - 14 m3/h, pressure 5,8 - 4,3 bar. Total dimensions: 170 x 80 x 110 cm.