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Gerstenberg & Agger Perfector 1x105

Gerstenberg & Agger Perfector 1x105 - Perfector 1x105

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Ассортимент Margarine equipment
Категория Margarine equipment
Складской номер STN12995
Бренд Gerstenberg & Agger
Тип Perfector 1x105
Серийный номер 1.490.001
Год выпуска 1998
Производительность 600 kilograms per hour

Complete skid mounted crystallizer set including Freon R22 compressor, piping, valves and control panel. Built together in 2001 by Gerstenberg & Agger, project number 1819.001. Scraped surface heat exchanger for margarine/butter. Duty: butter. Product temperature: 25 / 40°C. One product cylinder with a volume of 3 liter. Tube: Ø 105 mm, length 1.100 mm. Cooling surface tube 0,36 m². Cooling medium: Freon, R22, pressure: 21 bar, -25 / 40°C. Capacity: 55 liter. Bulldog knifes. Including skid mounted (steel) Freon system with Sabroe SMC106SHP compressor (shop no. 101862, R22, year 1995, working pressure 18 bar), Danfoss control valves and steel control panel with registration unit. Instruction manual with CE declaration, spare parts manual and electric scheme available.