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Schröder VR3
Schröder VR3
Schröder VR3
Schröder VR3
Schröder VR3
Schröder VR3

Schröder VR3 - VR3

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Ассортимент Margarine equipment
Категория Margarine equipment
Складской номер STN13339
Бренд Schröder
Тип VR3
Серийный номер 11/3915-1-175701
Год выпуска 2001
Производительность 3.000 kilograms per hour

Reconditioned visco rotor. This visco rotor is a colloid mill used for production of margarine, mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and as a extra step in the low fat margarine production. The pre-emulsion is processed under high shear due to the specially designed spiral gearing. This ensures that the oil drops are continuously reduced in size and distributed homogeneously. Speed from 262 up to 1.460 rpm mechanical adjustable, motor power 15kW. Working pressure up to 50 bar. Connections: 1,5'' DIN, the spline between the rotor and stator is mechanically adjustable by handwheel between 0 and 8.5mm. Two sensors are installed to give a warning light if the minimum or maximum spline distance is achieved