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Schröder WK250/2000-xz
Schröder WK250/2000-xz
Schröder WK250/2000-xz
Schröder WK250/2000-xz

Schröder WK250/2000-xz - WK250/2000-xz

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Ассортимент Margarine equipment
Категория Margarine equipment
Складской номер STN10716
Бренд Schröder
Тип WK250/2000-xz
Серийный номер 11/3676-1-157852
Год выпуска 1997
Производительность 3400 kilograms per hour

This Pasteurizer is a continuously heater – cooler for production of viscose products like vegetable and animal oils and fats, such as emulsifiers, waxes, pharmaceuticals, vitamin supplements, starch or gelatins. The unit exists out of a scrape surface heater of 1 cylinder to heat the product (± 35°C->85°C). Steam directly on jacket with steam regulating valve. The cooling part (± 85°C-> 40°C) consists of a double-tube coil which is mounted in a frame work. The cooling water flows through the inner tube and the product flows in the opposite direction in the outer tube. In addition, the tube is cooled from the outside by means of irrigation cooling water. This rinse water is collected in the collecting tank and discharged by a pump. Including water and steam valves. Excluding control panel. Maximum working pressure 75 bar. Maximum steam pressure 13 bar. Maximum working temperature 195 °C. Motor 7,5 kW, n1: 1450 rpm, i = 7,1, n2: 203 rpm. Manuals in German language available.