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Schröder VS -Anlage
Schröder VS -Anlage
Schröder VS -Anlage
Schröder VS -Anlage
Schröder VS -Anlage

Schröder VS -Anlage - VS -Anlage

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Ассортимент Оборудование для производства маргарина
Категория Оборудование для производства маргарина
Складской номер STN13338
Бренд Schröder
Тип VS -Anlage
Серийный номер 146764
Год выпуска 1993
Производительность ± 150 kilograms per hour

Skid mounted pilot plant. Exisiting of balance tank, insulated, electric heated 100 liter with temperature sensor and 2 agitators, fast propellor mix and slow turning T shaped bottom scraper. High pressure pump, model: VKL, 3 pistons. Scrape surface heater pasteuriser VWK01/60-400. 1 cylinder, steam heated, with steam control valve and condens trap. Tubular pre-cooler by cooling water (with slight over pressure damage). Crystalliser with 4 SSHE coolers and 2 integrated pinmixers, model Kombinator VWK 04/60-230, pressure: up to 50 bar. Each Tube: ø 60 mm and length: 230 mm. 1 knive per rotor, spline size 2/2/2/5 mm. Cooling surface per tube: 0,043 m² (Total of all 4 coolers: 0,17 m²). Each cylinder has its own independed cooling system with freon suction valve (Danfoss). Integrated two cylinder SS pin mixers, tube: ø 108 mm and length: 285 mm. 22 pins on the shaft and 27 pins on the cylinder housing. The cooling cylinders and pinmixers can be put in different sequenz by connecting the high pressure hoses in different order. 4x PT-100 temperarature sensor for temperature indication on the outlet of pinmixer and various cylinders. Double jacketed feed line to the balance tank. Including Freon compressor, make: Bock cooling system. Cooling medium: Freon (R22). Control panel but excluding Motor control cabinet with frequency converters condensor for freon compressor and manuals.