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Stephan UM/SK150
Stephan UM/SK150
Stephan UM/SK150
Stephan UM/SK150
Stephan UM/SK150
Stephan UM/SK150

Stephan UM/SK150 - UM/SK150

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Ассортимент Оборудование для производства плавленного сыра
Категория Выбойные машины
Складской номер STN13330
Бренд Stephan
Тип UM/SK150
Серийный номер 725.431.01
Год выпуска 1999
Производительность 150 liters

Universal vertical cutter/melter/cooker with vacuum system. Fully stainless steel frame. The main product bowl is double jacketed for cooling or heating and has 4 built in ports for injecting steam directly into the bowl. Water dosing system with flow transmitter (E&H), vacuum connection with deaeration valve. PT-100 sensor in the bowl. Hydraulic unit for top lid opening. Outlet bottom valve. The main lid has 2 clamps, manual tightening. Total volume of the bowl 210 liter. ± 150 liter effective capacity. 2 Agitators: 1 scraper agitator (25 rpm) and 1 mixer homogenize knife. Pressure in bowl vacuum up to + 0,8 bar overpressure. Max. temperature: 110°C. Jacket pressure 2 bar. Jacket max. temperature: 133°C. Control cabinet with PLC Siemens S5 and Siemens control panel. Including vacuum pump, elevator to feed the unit with standard trolleys of 200 liter. Operating instructions and spare parts manual available.