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Karl Schnell DKM400/780
Karl Schnell DKM400/780
Karl Schnell DKM400/780
Karl Schnell DKM400/780
Karl Schnell DKM400/780
Karl Schnell DKM400/780

Karl Schnell DKM400/780 - DKM400/780

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Ассортимент Оборудование для производства плавленного сыра
Категория Выбойные машины
Складской номер STN13428
Бренд Karl Schnell
Тип DKM400/780
Серийный номер 1407
Год выпуска 1994
Производительность 2.000 kilograms per hour

Universal cooker with vacuum system. Cooker has been running together with horizontal feed and blend station STN13422 in the production of: Analogcheese, Pizzacheese, Processed cheese with higher total solids. Total volume: 420ltr, pressure -1/+0,8bar, Effective filling volume: 150-300 kg per bathc. The main product chamber has 4 built in ports for injecting steam and water directly into the chamber. The injectors are water cooled. Water dosing system with water meter, vacuum connection with separting tank and deaeration valve. PT-100 sensor in the bowl. 4'' product inlet. 2 ribbon agitators with 2 2-speed motors: 7/14 kW - 21/27,5 A - n1:720/1460 rpm - n2: 35,5/72 rpm, connected with belt for synchronously working on same speed. Including a system to suck in ingredient at the cooker by the vacuum, all interconnecting piping and 2 movable outfeed trolleys (volume 200 ltr). Total dimensions: 3 x 2,5 x 3 mtr + Control cabinet 0,65 x 1,9 x 2,2 mtr. Including movable CIP set (Karl Schnell type: 251) with centrifugal Pump (7,5 kW), acid dosing system and CIP return tank 550 ltr with will be connected direct under the cooker in CIP position. Total dimensions: 1,8 x 1,7 x 1,3 mtr. Pigging and CIP system together with mixer (STN13422). Excluding steam filter. Documentation available.