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Corazza FF220/4G
Corazza FF220/4G
Corazza FF220/4G
Corazza FF220/4G
Corazza FF220/4G
Corazza FF220/4G

Corazza FF220/4G - FF220/4G

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Ассортимент Оборудование для производства плавленного сыра
Категория Выбойные машины
Складской номер STN14527
Бренд Corazza
Тип FF220/4G
Серийный номер 5131
Год выпуска 1987
Производительность 11.400 pieces per hour

Automatic filling and wrapping machine for triangle portions of processed cheese. Double head piston doser with double jacketed hopper (± 75 ltr), with scraper agitator and cover. Format triangle portions: 52 x 40 mm, 25 gram/p. Cluster: 8/8, Ø 120 mm, 200 gram per box. Inserting of single strip red cord onto a portion for easy opening of the portion. Machine prepared for 4 dosers (4 flavours). Product: processed cheese, semi liquid, hotfill. Working principle:  Bottom foil infeed from reell, foil cut and formed, dispending preformed etiket/lable with cold glue on the foil, filling, top foil from roll, folding, sealing, Collecting pieces by 8 on a 2 outfeed turn table. Outfeed to an automatic packer Model SF221 (machine nr: 5132). Preformed round carton boxes infeed by loos delivered guide rail. The machine opens the box, put 1 side carton over the 8 portions, turns the box and put upper part onto the box. date coder at bottom of the box. Outfeed to external conveyor (excluded). Suction blower for waste foil. Including controls, PLC Siemens S5 with eprom (program back up). Polycarbonate safety protections with door sensors. Total dimensions: 6,5 x 5 x 2,5 mtr.