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Kustner Sterilchoc FP-2000
Kustner Sterilchoc FP-2000

Kustner Sterilchoc FP-2000 - Sterilchoc FP-2000

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Ассортимент Оборудование для производства плавленного сыра
Категория Выбойные машины
Складской номер STN12311
Бренд Kustner
Тип Sterilchoc FP-2000
Серийный номер -
Год выпуска -
Производительность 2.000 kilograms per hour

Continuous cheese cooking sterilizer. The ingredients are cold mixed in a mixing vat where they are subjected to the action of melting salts. The product is then transferred to the feeding vat. The cheese is pumped by a lobe pump to the cooking unit. The cheese is processed continuosly in 3 consecutive stages. 1st stage: gradual heating from ± 30 °C up to 85/90 °C by mixing with saturated steam (recuperated) under low vacuum in the preheating vessel. 2nd stage: flash heating under pressure by steam injection during passage through the sterilization head. The sterlizing temperature can be adjusted up to 145 °C. The holding time is approximately 5 seconds. 3rd stage: Flash cooling to 95/98 °C by expansion under vacuum in the cooling vessel. The preheating/sterilizing and cooling temperatures depends on the nature and composition of the cheese. The unit is incomplete, some pumps, valves and piping are missing. Total dimensions 230 x 140 x 230cm.