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Machinefabriek Otto Schouten B.V. ECO01-001 Boterkneder/Microfix

Machinefabriek Otto Schouten B.V. ECO01-001 Boterkneder/Microfix - ECO01-001 Boterkneder/Microfix

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Ассортимент Оборудование по производству масла
Категория Оборудование по производству масла
Складской номер STN13470
Бренд Machinefabriek Otto Schouten B.V.
Тип ECO01-001 Boterkneder/Microfix
Серийный номер 0000
Год выпуска 2002
Производительность 500-2.500 kilograms per hour

Butter homogeniser / reworker, special design to handle blocks of 500-1.000kg. With this system the earlier produced butter can be reworked and filled in big bag in box containers. Bigger blocks create less handling. Designed to handle the butter from cold storage at 0- 4 °C. The blocks are put in by a simple crane. The augers in the bottom of the unit scrape the butter blocks and push it towards an inline rotor and pump. Improving the quality ensuring the finest water dispersion resulting in an increased shell of life of the homogenized butter and makes it packable. Including new stainless steel rotor. Stainless steel auger feed station and stainless steel augers. The augers are 2 on 2 adjustable from 1 until 5 rpm through the control panel. Dimensions of feed station: 127 x 137 x 210 cm. 2 CIP spraybowls. Complete with lobe butterpump (Waukesha 064 U1, 2,2 kW - 78 rpm, 2015) 2500 kg/h and CIP pump. Including operating, spare parts manual in Dutch and including the electric scheme.