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Ассортимент Оборудование по производству масла
Категория Оборудование по производству масла
Складской номер STN14569
Тип Butter
Серийный номер Pro.Fat.350.T.01
Год выпуска 2019
Производительность 1.250 liters

Butter/fatt block melting tank. Block infeed from the side, infeed hatch size 135 x 34 cm. Heating raster-coil size: (l x w) 190 x 130 cm. The blocks of approx 25kg are placed pushed in the unit and slowly melts and drops through the raster in the tank in liquid form. Bottom half of the tank is double jacketed, 3 sections, front, side, back. 3 CIP spraybowls. Breather on top. Heating with hotwater (max. 100 ℃, from external source). 4 Adjustable feet. Technical drawing available. Total dimensions: 200 x 270 x 230 cm. Weigth: 1450 kg.