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Simon Freres ISIGNY

Simon Freres ISIGNY - ISIGNY

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Ассортимент Оборудование по производству масла
Категория Оборудование по производству масла
Складской номер STN12180
Бренд Simon Freres
Серийный номер 0000
Производительность 3.000 liters

Rollerless conventional butter batch churn with stainless steel barrel. SS304. Outside satin polished. Inside sand-blased to prevent sticking of butter. Cylindrical shape. Large watertight acces door. Sight glass. Painted drive mechanism with progressive clutch, speed drive between 6 and 35 rpm. Diameter ± 155 cm. Length of the churn: ± 190 cm. Contents in liters of cream minimum 300 liter and maximum 1500 liter. Butter produced per batch minimum 150 kg and maximum 750 kg/butter per batch. Motor: 5,5 kW. Weight: ± 2000 kg. Excluding stainless steel bordes to look inside the butterchurn.