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Lubeca LW504G
Lubeca LW504G
Lubeca LW504G
Lubeca LW504G
Lubeca LW504G
Lubeca LW504G

Lubeca LW504G - LW504G

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Ассортимент Other equipment
Категория Miscellaneous Equipment
Складской номер STN14811
Бренд Lubeca
Тип LW504G
Серийный номер 13208 / 5246
Год выпуска 2013
Производительность 12.000 pieces per hour

Metal Can closing, seaming machine. Stand-alone and fully automatic. Suitable for seaming lids onto cans, equipped with 4 seaming stations. Working principle: The incoming cans are synchronized to the machine by a specially constructed infeed gear-wheel. An electro-pneumatic system manages the required feed of lids as required (“no can –no lid”). After separation of the lid in the lid magazine, it will be fed to the transfer point of lid & can via the lid/can transfer turret. During its cam-controlled upward movement the filled can receives the lid, which was laid out in a special lid slide. Can and lid are clamped between lifter plate and seaming head.The can is seamed by a start roll and finish roll while the cans are rotating during the seaming process. After the seaming process, the cans are handed over to a outfeed conveyor. Can diameter: 127 mm. Range of can diameter according brochure: 99-153 mm and height 20-250 mm.Electrical: 400 V - 50 Hz - 3,5 kW. Total dimensions: 130 x 120 x 240 cm. Machine is without control panel!