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Scanima SRB-500
Scanima SRB-500
Scanima SRB-500
Scanima SRB-500
Scanima SRB-500
Scanima SRB-500

Scanima SRB-500 - SRB-500

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Ассортимент Порошок переработка/ упаковка
Категория Растворители сухих
Складской номер STN13552
Бренд Scanima
Тип SRB-500
Серийный номер 7724-05
Год выпуска 2005
Производительность 500 liters

Vacuum dissolver / mixer. Liquiverter with top driven scraper agitator. Tank volume: 750 ltr, usable volume: 500 ltr. Double jacketed (not connected) for indirect heating or cooling. 2 Spray bowls for CIP. Temperature sensor, level sensor. Pressure in jacket: 4 bar. Pressure in vessel: vacuum, -1 bar to atmospheric. Manhole in top. 4 Liquid ingrediënts inlets with butterfly valve and 1 steam and 1 nitrogen injector with valves, 1 outlet valve. High speed mixer motor: 55 kW - 1482 rpm at 50 Hz with frequency convertor. Impellor size: diameter ± 300 mm model: turbo wheel and screen. Including: vacuüm pump (5 kW - 1460 rpm - 50 Hz, capacity 155 m3/h, make: Sihi). Scraper agitator motor: 2,2 kW - 4,7 A - 24 rpm. Including 2 mobile powder hoppers (100 ltr each) with level sensor (E&H). For vacuum dissolving of powders products up to 2,000cP. Total outside dimensions: 2,5 x 1,6 x 2,4 mtr. Documentation available, electric scheme and users manual in German. Including control panel with Siemens S7 PLC and Proface touch screen panel. Excluding: frequency convertor of the scraper agitator.