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Kustner YH
Kustner YH
Kustner YH
Kustner YH
Kustner YH

Kustner YH - YH

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Ассортимент Processed cheese equipment
Категория Processed cheese equipment
Складской номер STN14385
Бренд Kustner
Тип YH
Серийный номер 0000
Год выпуска -
Производительность 3.300 pieces per hour

Automatic filling and wrapping machine for processed cheese or cream cheese. Liquid hot fill. 10 Step turn table. Current format: 100 gram, ± 50 x 80 x 26 mm. Feeding by double jacketed hopper with agitator. Bottom foil forming, filling, top foil cutting and placing on product, heat sealing and outfeed arm to conveyor. STN14385 + STN14386 have been running together in the same factory. The following parts are used for both machines, but will be sold with STN14385: several transport conveyors, collector to collect by 6 pieces from 2 conveyors to 1, control panel, vacuumpump, pallet-elevator for easy putting boxes on pallet (by hand). Total dimensions Kustner machine: 240 x 320 x 250 cm. Has been running together with STN14386, STN14387 and STN14388.