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Stephan TC/HC 600
Stephan TC/HC 600
Stephan TC/HC 600
Stephan TC/HC 600
Stephan TC/HC 600
Stephan TC/HC 600

Stephan TC/HC 600 - TC/HC 600

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Ассортимент Processed cheese equipment
Категория Processed cheese equipment
Складской номер STN14886
Бренд Stephan
Тип TC/HC 600
Серийный номер K.716.071
Год выпуска 1990
Производительность 600 liters

Universal horizontal cutter/melter/cooker with vacuum system. The main product bowl and cover are double jacketed for cooling or heating (jacket of the cover has cracks, so cannot be used anymore in the future). 6 Built in ports for injecting steam directly into the bowl. 2x Liquid injection valves on top of the bowl. Water dosing system with water meter/flowtransmitter, vacuum connection with separting tank and deaeration valve. PT-100 sensor in the bowl. Overpressure valve on the back side of the bowl. Hydraulic unit and cylinders for slide opening top and bottom. The cover has 2 manual tightening clamps. Hopper (extractable if slide closes) on the top inlet. 2 agitators: 1 scraper agitator (± 25 rpm) and 1 mixer / homogenize knife, main motor 3 speeds: 50/70/103 kW, 750/1500/3000 rpm. Pressure in bowl vacuum up to + 0,3 bar overpressure, max temp: 95°C. Including spare parts, documentation excluding: vacuumpump, control cabinet, elevator or outfeed trolley/pump. Total dimensions: 370 x 165 x 375 cm. Weight: 4.550 kg.