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Karl Schnell KL30RL 50.2 V2A

Karl Schnell KL30RL 50.2 V2A - KL30RL 50.2 V2A

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Ассортимент Processed cheese equipment
Категория Processed cheese equipment
Складской номер STN12389
Бренд Karl Schnell
Тип KL30RL 50.2 V2A
Серийный номер 914091
Год выпуска 2006
Производительность 500 - 2.500 liter per hour

Processed Cheese collecting hopper of plastic and intergrated transfer pump with infeed screw for viscose products like processed Cheese comming from a cooker. The pump is brand Wangen series KL-RL allow almost pulsationfree pumping of mediums. The large hopper with screw conveyor has only a minimal dead space, despite the compact construction form and avoids stagnation zones thanks to its special design. The stator is equipped with a funnel-shaped inlet for optimal filling of the feed chamber. Maximum free ball passage: 51 mm. Capacity: 500 - 2.500 ltr/h. Max pressure: 15 bar. Current motor: 5,5 kW. N2 = pump speed: 28 - 133 rpm. Frame mounted with infeed hopper. Dimensions infeed hopper: 200 x 100 x 70 cm (volume: ± 1.000 liter).