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Waukesha 0134

Waukesha 0134 - 0134

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Ассортимент Pumps
Категория Lobe rotary pumps
Складской номер STN10755
Бренд Waukesha
Тип 0134
Серийный номер 433216-07
Год выпуска -
Производительность - liter per hour

Pump set made by Glass exisiting of SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 064, lobbe pump with rectangular inlet 62 x 229 mm, capacity: 800 l / h (0.579 liter / rev., 23 rpm), 2.2 kW drive SEW, 3-A, 65 mm (2.5 ") , this pump model is specially designed for "unlikely pumpable" highly viscous products like pastry, meat emulsion, gum and cheese, the pump is on four load cells, above the pump is a double 850-liter stainless steel bufferhopper with a special stirring mechanism that product interacts with the pump, the pump can pneumatically to be pulled down, after which the stainless steel silo is pneumatically tilting too, allowing fast and thorough cleaning possible, the stainless steel control box is incomplete, dimension 2,33 x 2,75 x 2,92 m (LxWxH)