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Ullmann & Co Mix tank

Ullmann & Co Mix tank - Mix tank

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Ассортимент Tanks
Категория Process tanks
Складской номер STN12625
Бренд Ullmann & Co
Тип Mix tank
Серийный номер 3110
Год выпуска 1986
Производительность 2.000 liters

Double jacketed mix tank. Top driven mix agitator. Pressure in jacket: 4 bar. Pressure in tank atmosphere. Insulated side and bottom. Conical up. Flat to the side. Product outlet 2'' and outlet height 75 cm. Connections for: PT-100 temperature and low level sensor. Breather. 1 CIP spray bowl. Manhole in top, round, diameter 370 mm. 3 Adjustable feet.