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Alfa Laval Clip 8-RM
Alfa Laval Clip 8-RM

Alfa Laval Clip 8-RM - Clip 8-RM

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Ассортимент Теплообменники
Категория Пластинчатые теплообменники
Складской номер STN14022
Бренд Alfa Laval
Тип Clip 8-RM
Серийный номер 30100-41868
Год выпуска 1994
Производительность 2,500-3,230 liter per hour

Cream pasteuriser. Existing out of: balance tank executed in stainless steel with level senors control with spraybowl for cip, level sensor. Lobbe pump with by-pass valve.Plateheatexchanger, 4 section, regeneration, heating, cooling city and cooling by icewater. temperature cycle: in 55 - 85 - 4°C Steam controlvalve, steam/hotwater tubular heatexchanger, condens trap, watercirculation pump, expansion vessel. Holding tube, 18sec. Flowdiversion valve and sensors