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Hamba BF 5010/2
Hamba BF 5010/2
Hamba BF 5010/2
Hamba BF 5010/2
Hamba BF 5010/2
Hamba BF 5010/2

Hamba BF 5010/2 - BF 5010/2

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Ассортимент Упаковочное оборудование
Категория Автоматы для упаковки в стаканчик
Складской номер STN13270
Бренд Hamba
Тип BF 5010/2
Серийный номер 36147
Год выпуска 1991
Производительность 4.800 cups per hour

Rotatry filler with 2 heads. Robust and mechanical machine. 4 format sets: 95 mm Seal, 112 mm seal and snap on lid, 118 mm snap on lid. Format set on machine cup size round: 112 mm. Stations: cup destacking, main doser (200 - 1000 ml) with hopper (semi-CIP cleanable), snap-on lid station, snap on lid pusher, outfeed on +/- 2 meter single lane outfeed conveyor. Machine is ultra clean type with an hepa sterile air system and polycarbonated doors and protection. Free standing control panel with Hitachi EH-150 PLC and Exor touch screen panel. Documentation available. Machine upgraded (controls) in 2012. Total dimenions: 175 x 360 x 270 cm. On request coversion to sealing is possible (sealhead 112 mm max).