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Remy 7024

Remy 7024 - 7024

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Ассортимент Упаковочное оборудование
Категория Фасовочные автоматы для розлива в бутылку
Складской номер STN10267
Бренд Remy
Тип 7024
Серийный номер R2/1
Год выпуска 1997
Производительность 12.000-15.000 bottles/hour

Volumetric bottle filler Stocknumber: STN10267 Manufacturer: Remy Type: 7024 R2-1 Year: 1997 Capacity: 12000-15000 bottles/hour Current bottle size: 1 liter (2 pints) Filling heads: 24 pieces Closing heads: 12 pieces Cap distributor: Zalkin, type CA12, serial nr 76375, 1997 designed for 17.000 pieces/hour Cap: 38 Milk Guard Description: The rotary volumeter continuously fills liquid food (dairy) products into plastic bottles. It’s entirely mechanical design ensures reliability and an unrivalled filling precision. The machine is equipped with a laminair flow unit on top of the machine. Control panel with Alan Bradley PLC. Manuals available.