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Hassia THM 18/42
Hassia THM 18/42
Hassia THM 18/42
Hassia THM 18/42
Hassia THM 18/42
Hassia THM 18/42

Hassia THM 18/42 - THM 18/42

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Ассортимент Упаковочное оборудование
Категория Термоформовочные машины (FFS)
Складской номер STN9191
Бренд Hassia
Тип THM 18/42
Серийный номер 110 050/0301
Год выпуска 2001
Производительность 14400 cups per hour

3 lines form fill and seal machine. 6 (3x2) cups per stroke. 40 strokes/minute. Volume cup: large 85 gram, small 5-30 gram. double chamber cup round 97mm. Products chocolate deserts/mouse in large cup and dry products such as chocolate pieces, cerials in small cup. Bottom foil infeed system. Preheating bottom foil. Cup material ionization (eliminate the static charge of the bottom foil). Labelling (pre-fabricated labels will be wrapped around the external side of the cups). Thermoforming station. Filler 1 for dosing viscose products (piston filler, CIP cleanable). Filler 2 + 3 for dosing dry products such as cereals (2x Multi-head weighers, manufacturer Ishida, type CCW-NZ-214W-S/15-SS). Lid material infeed. Aligning the lid material (to centre the print). Printer (Ink Jet). Lid material radiation (UV). Sealing station. Cooling station. Punch station. Packer (empty packaging is not accepted by the packer but is automatically isolated). Automatic station positioning. Sterile air blower. Central lubrication system. Control panel with Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens HMI. Including A+F Automation + Fördertechnik fully automatic tray erector (type 216-6/12, year 2001, serial number 800079A, 1.800 trays/h, cardboard, Siemens S7 PLC, Nordson hotmelt unit) and empty tray conveying equipment to the form fill seal machine. Instruction manuals, spare parts lists, flow charts, electric schemes, PLC program etc. available in English and German language.