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Hassia THL24/28
Hassia THL24/28
Hassia THL24/28
Hassia THL24/28
Hassia THL24/28
Hassia THL24/28

Hassia THL24/28 - THL24/28

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Ассортимент Упаковочное оборудование
Категория Термоформовочные машины (FFS)
Складской номер STN12487
Бренд Hassia
Тип THL24/28
Серийный номер 104 290
Год выпуска 1989
Производительность 36.000 cups per hour

Forming, Filling, Sealing (FFS) machine for single portion mini cups with margarine / halvarine (specific weight 0,92 g/cm3). Format: 24-up (6 lines times 4 filling heads). Current size of the rectangular cup: 54 x 39 x 12,5 or 22 mm, 10 and 20 gram. Bottomfoil: PVC/PS/PS, thickness 300 - 450 µm, widht 259 mm. Top foil, Polyester/PE, width 259 mm. Stations: forming foil from the roll with date in the bottom, piston doser (10-20 gram) for margarine/halvarine with direct connection (CIP cleanable), sealing with aluminium foil from the reel with photocell foil correction system, outfeed of cups. Machine has the framework for plexiglas safety guards. Hydraulic unit. Automatic central greasing system. Controls available. Power: 400 V - 50 Hz - 40 kVA. Instruction manual, spare parts manual available. Total dimensions of the machine: 9,80 x 2,70 x 2,20 mtr. Including box former, Nordson hotmelt, packer and Soco taper. Excluding corner punch station.